About Me

I am a Lithuanian American with a dedication to problem solving and optimization. I believe computer science is our greatest frontier, and I hope to make a significant contribution to the industry.

I score INTP on the Jung test. I like soundscapes, typography and minimalism.

Software Engineering

I am currently operating as a software consultant in San Francisco. I specialize in Python and Clojure. Feel free to contact me regarding new projects.

My CV can be read on stack overflow or linked in. My up-to-date resume is available in pdf form here.

My current fields of interest include data mining, graph theory, and advanced algorithms.


I have a B.S. in Computer Science from iit. I have been the Chair of iit acm and President of iit lan.

I am bilingual in American English and Lithuanian. I have elementary proficiency in French.

I have Expert certification from Humintell training in Advanced (cert) and Subtle (cert) micro-expression detection.


I built a foursquare app called After Credits that lets you automatically know whether a movie you have checked into has scenes after the credits. It was featured by foursquare.

I am currently working on a patch to Mahout to incorporate Google's PLANET research into distributed decision trees. You can find my progress here.

I was the lead developer on the Northern Illinois Hockey League's scheduling and statistics web application. All of the platform code is freely available.


I practice Aikido.

I have lived in Chicago (4 years), San Diego (2 years) and the District of Columbia (15 years).